Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beyond Brilliant Bread Baking

I make my own bread and every time I eat a piece of it I feel like I am in on some giant secret that few others seem to know about. It's really, really good. Like, so good that I go to bed early because it means I can wake up at the crack of dawn to have some toast. So good that you will turn up your nose at bakery bread, because yours is better. The secret is multi-grain cereal, I use Bob's Red Mill 10-grain.

I got the recipe from watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS. If you are unfamiliar, they are like Alton Brown's nerdy cousin from Maine. You need a subscription to Cook's Illustrated to access the bread recipe on the America's Test Kitchen website, but luckily I found a copy of the recipe here that you can have for free. One little thing, she doesn't describe how to shape the loaves at the end. After you have got the two rectangles, roll them each up like a log, starting at the short end. Pinch the ends to seal and you're done.

I hope you take the time to make some bread today. You won't regret it. I've already made bread so I'm going to make peach cobbler. MMMMMMMM!

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