Sunday, May 29, 2011

I ♥ Aluminum

seriously fun to make

When I was a freshman in college my roommate was a beautiful and funny girl from Kentucky. Her father worked for an oil company and she had lots of little trinkets that were branded with the slogan for his division. I ♥ Asphalt. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world (I still do, kind of) but I didn't share the sentiment.

I ♥ aluminum, and lately I have been obsessed with it. I made the tags in the picture using aluminum foil tape, cardstock, a couple of different embossing folders (mine are Sizzix), a 1 1/2" circle punch, a letter punch set, Sharpies, my Crop-o-dile and a couple eyelets. I found the instructions in a brilliant tutorial at A Penny for your Thoughts.


  1. Hi Cheryl - Your pieces are fantastic and I'm so glad you had fun with my tutorial! I love how easy it is to make them say whatever you want...even I ♥ Asphalt LOL!

  2. Penny! Thank you so much for stopping by to see the work of your humble student :) Your tutorial was awesome and really opened my eyes to what you can do with foil tape, thanks again!