Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easy on the eyes

You can't help but scratch your head as the Yankees destroy our beloved A's.

Do you have Instagram for the iPhone? Every picture comes out infinitely better when I use it. Case in point, I took a very boring picture on Monday night at the A's-Yankees game. Instagram made it interesting. Don't know how, but they did. And it's free! Instagram is also a social network, so when you take pictures they are automatically shared out into the network of other users. You can follow people and "like" their pictures and leave comments.

Taken this morning, while walking at 3.5 mph

Instagram can really turn your pictures into art. There are all sorts of little flip and tricks embedded in it that allow you to make enhancements. I used the tilt-shift feature for the picture of the geese on the path. Basically, it allows you to focus in on a certain part of the picture (in this case, the geese) and blur everything else.

Disobedient geese!

The sharing aspect of the app may not be for everyone so there are settings that allow you to make your photos private. If you're interested in seeing a little about how the app works I found this video on YouTube.

In other news, I got my Starbucks gold card in the mail yesterday so I celebrated by destroying my old one. Et voila, the mini Starbucks notebook!

I had another old card cluttering up my wallet so I used it for the back cover. For the inside pages I just cut a few pages out of another notebook and printed out one sheet of graph paper on my printer. I then cut those pages down to fit the notebook, rounded the corners, and bound it all together. BTW, the Fiskars corner rounder is a dud. I have this one and it ruins more corners than it cuts (I had to fix most of them with scissors). I really like all of their other products but this one is a b-o-m-b. No matter though, the notebook still works :)

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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